There are many advantages to working with our experienced and knowledgeable professionals

Working with Brokers/Agents and Clients


• If you are a BROKER, we are your back office team to your client, customer service is our priority and to protect your business.  We can insulate you to make sure your client is only contacted by us for all/any products or only specific products that you want.  Continue to focus your business priorities on your product Forte and leave the rest to us.  No competition here, remember the client's happiness is our goal.  


• If you are an EMPLOYER/CLIENT,  we are part of your broker's Team, your Client Manager to help you with all your servicing needs.

• We can provide you with your very own Online Human Resources Intranet web page which outlines your benefits, tracks your census and informs your employees about various items you would like to communicate.   

• You will have a dedicated person to call to help resolve problems concerning enrollment situations, claims payments, coverage eligibility, access to care and any other issues.

• Explanation of benefit packages and personalized consultation to help you select the plan best suited to your needs, assisting your business where you don't have a dedicated human resource department. This is where we can help with the installation of the plan and enrollment meetings.   • We regularly attend Continuing Education classes and are a proud member of the National Association of Health Underwrites (NAHU). As a member, we help employers and consumers select employee benefit plans best suited to their needs—and meet all criteria outlined above.

• NAHU is a statewide consumer advocacy organization comprising of professionals in the health insurance industry who are dedicated to educating the public on critical healthcare issues, to shaping health insurance legislation and to raising the ethical standards of the business. Members adhere to a strict code of ethics to help ensure the best possible service and price.

Infinitive Benefits provides help with a range of health, life and Medicare insurance issues, including:Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, Group Healthcare Programs, Flexible Spending Accounts, International Travel & Accident Insurance, Life Insurance and Prescription Planning.Infinitive Benefits has been servicing the New Jersey and New York area with insurance solutions and Account Management for over twenty years. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you, the broker and your client.  We will be happy to provide you with many references!share


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Bette B.


I found Lynne to be very helpful and informative as to the various drug plans and information she needed to ascertain which plan would be best for my brother and how to set up automatic payment after enrolling him in the best plan. Lynne handled everything quickly and efficiently by email making her a great resource.

Miriam S.


Many thanks for lending your professional expertise to my health care countdown! I must say it gave me great mental ease to know that all was being taken care of. 

Richard K.

 Lynne is very knowledgeable Medicare Advisor. She is the go-to person when you have a question relating to Medicare as well as any other health insurance questions. I have known Lynn for over 10 years and everybody that knows Lynn always talks very highly of her. She is very caring and always wants to do the right thing.


Richard H.


Lynne Clausen is highly competent, caring, concerned for the welfare of her client and insightful. She put me at ease while I dealt with "uncharted waters" in the sea of health care insurance options and researches her recommendations before passing on suggestions to me. After listening carefully to all of my concerns, and financial situation, she enabled me to make the right choice which worked best for me. She also recommended to my wife that she stay with what we already had which, also, is sometimes the best route. I would recommend her to others without hesitations


 Great at follow up and finding the correct solution 

Lisa R.

  Great help from start to finish


Diane E.

 Lynne is absolutely amazing. Several months ago, I needed to change carriers and had very little time. The whole process was very time consuming with lots of paperwork, e-mails and texts. Lynn was extremely efficient and diligent. I was so apologetic for all the extra work Lynne did and she never got frazzled or worried that this would be processed and go through without a hitch! She was right and I was so appreciative. 

Ann Marie G.


I worked for Lynne in a support position a few years ago and not only was she kind and considerate but she taught me a lot about health insurance and customer service--I can say she was a mentor. She is extremely patient and always had the time to listen to my questions and concerns.

Oren D.


I trust Lynne with my business and my family. Lynne takes care of all our group health insurance issues and knows each and every employee in our firm, not to mention their spouses and children, which she quickly provides coverage for when needed.  There are times when I catch up on emails over the weekend and send Lynne a question or concern and i know she will always respond right away.  Health insurance is a challenging topic for most business owners, so it helps to have Lynne looking out for you.


Ed N.

Prompt accurate a very fair service. Good advice friendly. 

Sally S.


Lynne is very knowledgeable on Medicare and all the updated information.

Scott B.

  Lynne is a first-class professional in every way you can imagine. Knowledgeable, experienced, patient and executes.


Robert N.


Lynne is a great Medical & Group Advisor! She very Friendly and Very knowledgeable on medical Insurance issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance in medical Insurance

Mike D.


I've worked with Lynne for over 10 years and she continually demonstrates professionalism and expertise in the Health Benefits industry. As a licensed property and casualty agent, I know how difficult it is to understand certain types of insurance, Lynne remains one of the most informed and educated individuals in her field. Definitely a "go-to" person in my book

Mark B. – Forest Financial



Lynne has provided excellent advice and support since I began working with her. Her positive frame of mind and pleasant demeanor make it easy to work with her, as it seems like it is a pleasure for her to field my difficult questions. Her grasp of the Medicare market and her understanding of UHC rules and regulations has been mastered. I rely on her direction and assistance to provide results for my clients, and consider her a "guru" of Medicare and AARP/UHC Products. She is a consummate professional in her field, and a valuable asset to my portfolio of business


Leona C.

Sue & Lynne,....Many, Many thanks!  I so appreciate all you did to make 65 painless.


Michelle R.

She makes it happen, easy to deal with.


Vincent D.

I need to send Lynne a dozen roses as she helped me rectify a problem with my Medicare Rx plan where no one could.  Lynne just told me to send her referrals!



Serena D.

 They are an excellent resource for choosing the right supplementary insurance and Rx drug coverage and are well-informed and thorough in their analysis.  They were really a great help in this overwhelming process!


Gail S.

Dear Sue, Thank you for a painless entrance to medicare!!!


Michelle P.

 Thank you so much to the efforts of Sue, I couldn't have done Medicare without her.



Maria D.

Lynne is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond.

Ivan & Eileen A.

call Sue, she's the best


Carey E.

 Thank you for all your help this year.



Sharon P.

 Thanks ever so much for all your help I will definitely refer you to anyone needing Medicare services.

Mike S.

They provide expert guidance in a very complex area and they're nice!


Susan S.

Very helpful, well-informed, and proactive.