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· QUOTES-Run your own Medicare Quote

· Q&A:

· Accept Assignment of Medicare - Does my Doctor Accept Medicare?

· DATES that are Important- very important enrollment and change dates to be aware of

· Social Security Offices Near You Lookup


· Buyers Guide - A Guide for Health Insurance for people with Medicare

· Medicare Made Clear

· Medicare & You 2019 -Official Government Guide you should receive from SS/Medicare

· Medicare Made Clear -Understanding Medicare Videos, Worksheets, Enrollment Calculator

· Review Plan Worksheet - A Checklist to help you make sure that you address all your plan needs

· Working Beyond 65 and How it Affects your Benefits



· Cancer & Heart Attack Policies/CignaHealthcare-Florida - A Lump Sum Cancer Policy pays a cash benefit anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, to use any way you wish. Your policy is Guaranteed Renewable for Life. You just have to make sure you have this before you get sick.

· Cancer & Heart Attack Policies/CignaHealthcare-NJ

· Cancer Policies-UnitedHealthcare

· Disability Under Medicare - If you are Disabled, Your IEP(Initial Enrollment Period) is 7 months long. It includes your 25th month of disability, the 3 months before and the 3 months after. Don't miss this timing otherwise you have to wait until open enrollment for a Medicare Advantage Program or when you are 65 for a Supplemental Program

· Doesn't PAY - It’s important for you to know that Medicare doesn’t cover everything. For one thing, you most likely will have to pay a share of costs for care including deductibles and coinsurance, as well as premiums. This is why you obtain a MedSup Unless your circumstances qualify for a rare exception, Medicare generally won’t cover care when you’re traveling beyond U.S. borders.

· Donut Hole or Coverage Gap - Understanding the Coverage Gap and Costs

· IRMAA - What is it?

· IRMAAWhy should I appeal it? 

· IRMAA – FORM for Appealing them with SS

· Part B & D Charges - How much will I have to Pay ? - If you need to file an appeal because you had major life-changing event and your income has gone down, to to

· Part B - APPLY Online

· Part B APPLY - in Person or Mail into Social Security Application - Mail or physically take this application down to your Local Social Security office to apply for Medicare Part B

· Rx. Part D Plan - Help me find a Part D Plan that fits my needs and Pharmacy location.

· Rx. Part D changing Plans – Why do I need to change these each year?

· Smart Life Organizer (LEAF it to me) - A Personal Records Keeper Document/Binder Health Info Money Matters Your Home Front to Legacy Planning

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